8 Adventure Activities In South India For Every Adventure Loving Couple!
Adventure Activities In South India For Every Adventure Loving Couple!

8 Adventure Activities In South India For Every Adventure Loving Couple!

Jul 04, 2017 6:51:32 AM

South India is not just blessed with natural splendor but also for those couples who are always in pursuit of adventure, South India

South India is undoubtedly a phenomenal destination for couples to steal some moments of romance and have a beautiful vacation. It isn’t any news that South India Honeymoon packages are always in demand, no matter what season! But, did you know that the whole of South India is a full-fledged adventure destination? Well, yes it is! And certainly a perfect place for those adventure loving couples who want to electrify their romantic holiday with a bunch of thrilling activities together!

So, here 8 amazing adventure activities to indulge in South India and have an exciting vacation!


1. Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady

Imagine traversing the scenic waters of gorgeous Thekkadyon bamboo amidst the noisiness of dense forests that surround you all over! You also get the chance of witnessing the rich wildlife and experience serenity! Amazing, isn’t it? Such is the blissful experience of bamboo rafting in Thekkady! fads

2. Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna

Nothing beats the thrilling experience of riding on a banana shaped boat jostling through the though, crashing waves of a gushing river! It is pure fun trying to ride through without falling in water, but ultimately rarely do you win because nature is indeed mighty! Anyway, you wear a life jacket and it is safe, and of course, this is that game in which losing and falling in river much more fun than winning and staying afloat in the boat!

3. Coracle Ride in Hampi

Vernacularly famed as Dongi, this bowl-shaped boat ‘coracle’ is made of grass, saplings, and reed. It is one of the most thrilling boat rides in South India as this boat ride is commenced on powerful Thungabhadra River where water currents are high and crocodiles swim beside you like a companion.

4. Jungle Night Patrol

If you and your partner are total adventure buffs then this activity is non-miss out at any cost. Indulge in jungle night patrol when in exciting Periyar Tiger Reserve and observe the captivating nocturnal life of the forest. The patrolling happens on foot and in a group of five tourists accompanied by a forest guard!

5. Kayaking and White Water Rafting in Dandeli

Kayaking and White Water Rafting are both exhilarating water sports which are a must try when in beautiful Dandeli. These adventure activities will offer you a tryst with waters like no other water sports! The experience with undoubtedly be memorable.

6. Paragliding in Munnar

Munnar is the top notch tourist destination in India. With a bunch of exciting activities to do here, the wonderful destination has added one more feather to its crown by including paragliding in its offerings to tourists! Now couples will not only get to enjoy the unbound beauty of Munnar but can also test the adventurer inside them with thrilling paragliding!

7. Parasailing at Om Beach

An amazing way to explore the bountiful magnificence of Gokarna is ‘Parasailing’. An activity that is sure to incite adrenaline rush in one’s senses, parasailing at Om Beach lets you fly over the gorgeous blue expanse tied to the boat via 300m long rope and breathe in the beauty around!

8. Rock Climbing at Badami

Last but not the least; South India has inviting rust red sandstones cliffs at Badami which is now popular as a rock climbing hotspot among both local folks and international tourists. The activity would be much thrill inspiring for adventure loving couples on honeymoon!

To Sum Up, South India is not just blessed with natural splendour but an enigmatic portion of India that has it all- great food, amazing architecture, phenomenal culture and of course a number of places to indulge in adventure activities! For couples who are always in pursuit of adventure, South India would definitely be a destination that will stand up to their expectations!

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