7 Unknown And Surprising Facts About North Eastern States You Must Know
Facts About North Eastern States

7 Unknown And Surprising Facts About North Eastern States You Must Know

Jul 05, 2017 9:37:04 AM

Facts About North Eastern States You Must Know

The Seven Sister states of India located in the North-Eastern part of the country have managed to surprise the crowd in many aspects, be it culture, be it diversity, or be it in beauty. These gorgeous lands are full of exciting facts and jewels of nature. If this introduction was enough to excite you, go ahead and start searching for North East travel packages as the upcoming facts are going to leave you spellbound and irresistible to stay away from this fantastic travel destinations.

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1. The element of surprise is hidden in the Meghalaya’s forests

Meghalaya is a gorgeous sister state of the North East, and one the loveliest attractions of its beauty are the Living Root Bridges. The forests of Meghalaya are full of Indian rubber trees, and a characteristic feature of these are their strong yet flexible roots that are guided across the bridges with help of bamboos. What is left behind are marvellous creations of nature and mankind.

2. The unfortunate natural process in Mizoram

Mizoram is one among the leading producers of Bamboo, however, it faces an unfortunate ecological cycle which occurs every 48 years causes wide-spread Bamboo death, locally called Mautam. The reason behind the phenomenon is attributed to an exponential increase of rodents and thus infecting the crop which in turn leads to widespread famine and crop failures.

3. Fascinating history of Tripura

Apart from being one of the states with a high numerical figure in terms of literacy rate, Tripura also holds an astonishing figure for the unbroken chain of kings. Before independence, the state was under the rule of Manikya Dynasty and was ruled by consecutive 184 kings. Wow! That’s an unmatchable number of kings under a single dynasty.

4. The Indian face of the World War

The only involvement of Indians had in the World War II was fighting from both sides, Britain and Japan, and the only place where these disruptions touched India was within the state of Nagaland. The Battle of Imphal and Kohima are highly regarded in the history of British wars.

5. The surprisingly amazing ecosystem of Manipur

Ever heard of a floating park? Well, if it is something that amazes you; you would be even more astonished to know that the only floating park in the world is located in Manipur, and the name of this fascinating creation of nature is the Keibul Lanjao National Park, which is floating over the Loktak Lake. Another surprising fact about this Park is that it is the only safe haven for brow-antlered deer.

6. Assam’s journey from ‘Dig Boy, Dig’ to Digboi

The state of Assam is home to one of the oldest, still operational refineries in the world. There are numerous stories and legends that revolve around its existence and name; Digboi seems to have been taken from the exclamation made by the British to the diggers “Dig Boy, Dig”. That’s an impressive story, but the fact still remains, it is the oldest yet operational.

7. Arunachal Pradesh’s richness in diversity

Formally known as North East Frontier Agency, the State of Arunachal Pradesh is home to a diverse collection of tribes, each having their culture, tradition, and languages. People here belong to various religions which add to its diversity. Also, it is considered as one the most linguistically diverse regions of Asia.

That is surprising; isn’t it? There are lot many things to say, and much more to discover. There real value of these states can be realised only by being there and seeing them up close. So, if these facts amaze you, get up and start packing up for a vacation.

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