Take The Plunge, Jump, or Dive of a Lifetime with The World Craziest Adventure Sports
World’s Craziest Adventure Sports

Take The Plunge, Jump, or Dive of a Lifetime with The World Craziest Adventure Sports

Mar 12, 2018 12:09:56 PM

This new year 2018, we’ve decided to up the ante on travelling; crank it up a notch; push you to the next level…I think you get our drift. Because we feel that travelling is so much more than just visiting the world&r...

We’re talking about extreme adventure sports that’ll have you leaping off cliffs, jumping off edges, skiing down treacherous slopes, diving into the deep, and plunging into the abyss!

Spoiler alert: Not for the faint-hearted!

Here are our top picks for the world’s most extreme adventure sports and where you can experience them to get your dose of adrenaline:

Bungee Jumping

It won’t hurt to close your eyes before you take the jump here! The higher the jump, the greater the nerves – and your chances of chickening out at the last moment! Leaping headfirst into thin air with nothing but a thin cord strapped to your feet; plunging into nothingness before coming perilously close to the land or sea before being bounced back up towards the sky is nothing short of the ultimate adrenaline rush for an adventure junkie. But not a bad way to conquer your fear of heights, eh? If you’re a true traveler, you won’t think twice before taking this leap of faith to escape the mundane on your next holiday. The Macau Tower in Macau, China (233 meters) and the Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland (220 meters) are two of the world’s tallest bungee jumps. In India, you could head to Rishikesh for a comfortable 83-meter jump. The whopping 956-foot-high Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, which was once the world’s tallest bungee jumping spot, is no longer open to the public…we wonder why…

Bunjee Jumping


You’ve heard of skiing, but heli-skiing? The name says it all because here you will not only be skiing down some of the world’s highest slopes but you’ll be doing it before you jump out of a helicopter! An adventure sport that’s banned in Europe, you’ll be putting your inner daredevil-ness to the ultimate test! North America and New Zealand boast some of the world’s deadliest slopes for heli-skiing. Get ready to enjoy the snow like never before!



Now this one really is called the ‘walk of faith’ and for good reason. We dare you to try this dizziness-inducing complete glass pathway bolted to the side of Tianmen Mountain, Hunan, China, perched a jaw-dropping 4000 feet above a very rocky ravine – not the best surface to cushion a fall! The glass flooring gives you a fantastic view of the sprawling canyon below coupled with a bit of vertigo too! The fear factor scale easily measures a 4 on 5 for this one.

Sky Walking

Scuba Diving

If you’re an aqua lover and snorkeling just doesn’t cut it for you then you need to be diving into some of the world’s deepest and most dangerous diving spots to get your adrenaline boost. And when it comes to scuba diving, the deeper and darker, the better! Just make sure your oxygen tanks are full! A real diver relishes the thrill of maneuvering through a never-ending series of underwater caves at depths of up to 400 feet. Or they feed off the power that runs through their body when they jump off a towering cliff into the world’s deepest, deadliest diving pools such as the Belize Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef which is a massive 1000 feet in diameter. The Belize Blue Hole is the perfect pool of inky darkness that lures divers into the depths of the aquatic unknown, a portal that connects our world to the bizarre world of the deep blue bottomless ocean. Take a look, and a dive, if you dare!

Scuba Diving


If only there was an extreme adventure sport that could make you fly like an eagle…well, you can come pretty close to it with paragliding – the perfect addition to a holiday that lacks some of that adrenaline. Take flight like a bird while enjoying scenic panoramic views of the country thousands of feet below you. The Hautes Alpes in France and Fethiye, Turkey are our top picks for some adrenaline-pumping’ paragliding.



Last but certainly not the least on our picks for the most extreme adventure sports that you definitely should try out on your next holiday is some good old surfing. And when you think of surfing only one place should come to mind and one place only – Australia! Enjoy the thunder down under and catch some of the world’s most untamable waves at Byron Bay in New South Wales and Cactus Beach. Amongst the world’s best surfing spots, you can catch the waves at Playa Grande, Costa Rica and Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. So zip up those wetsuits, paddles those boards and get ready to break those waves!


We’ve rounded up some of the most fun, thrilling and extreme adventure sports that you should definitely add to your to-do list the next time you’re booking Europe tour package – which we’re guessing will be really soon with the kind of stuff we’ve lined up for you! Because we feel that travelling can be so much more especially when you’re plunging into paradise, leaping off life’s “cliff-hanging” moments, jumping into the next exciting adventure that awaits you, diving into your ‘dreams come true’ or riding through life’s “waves” of stress.

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