Visit Assam- 5 Must Visit Places in Assam
Visit Assam- 5 Must Visit Places in Assam

Visit Assam- 5 Must Visit Places in Assam

Mar 12, 2018 12:04:08 PM

Assam is a state in northeastern India known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantations. Assam is a state in northeastern India known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantations.

The northeast of India has always been a hidden wonder but in recent years, the astonishing natural beauty of the region is attracting more tourists than ever before. In fact, northeast travel packages are in high demand with travel agents all across India.

Here are a few places in the state of Assam that you must visit:

•     Kaziranga National Park: This secured territory is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the only place where the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros is found. It covers more than 430 sq. km and you Can discover different wild species here, for example, tiger, elephant, Indian buffalo, sambar, and much more. On the off chance that you are a bird lover, visit during winter to see migratory birds from the North Pole.

•     Hajo: This is an important pilgrimage site for people of three different religions - Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. Hindu places of worship in Hajo include Hayagriva Madhab Temple on Manikuta Hill, Kedareshwar Temple, and Ganesha Temple. Muslims revere Hajo as a heavenly place and come here to pay tributes at Powa Mecca. Buddhists consider Hajo to be a devout place where Lord Buddha achieved Parinirvana. The region is filled with many ancient temples and several artefacts have also been discovered here.

•     Assam State Museum: Located in the heart of Guwahati, the Assam State Museum has an interesting collection and is definitely worth a visit. There is a diverse sculpture section with different types of stone, metal, wood and terracotta sculptures on display. There are local handicrafts and folk arts that are unique to Assam. The museum also has Natural History and Epigraphy sections for visitors.

•     Digboi: Famous for being the first oil refinery in Asia and the second one in the world, Digboi is often called the oil city of Assam. Besides the century-old oil refinery that is still in operation, the city is also famous for its tea gardens and amazing biodiversity. One of the most popular tourist places in Digboi is the Ridge Point which offers stunning views of the eastern Himalayas.

•     Manas National Park: Deriving its name from the Manas river which flows through the national park, it is also a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The park is home to many endangered animals such as the Assam roofed turtle, golden langur, pygmy hog and the hispid hare. Manas also hosts more hundreds of species of birds many of whom (like the Bengal florican) are unique to the region. The park is spread over 950 sq. km and has been a protected sanctuary since 1928.

•    Kamakhya Temple: This temple is not only religiously significant but has a lot of history attached to it. Located in a beautiful lush green surrounding with the River Brahmaputra to its north, the temple attracts devotees throughout the year. The temple is one of the oldest in the country and references to the structure have been found in artefacts from the 9th century. The temple is a major centre for worship of Tantra elements and another important festival is the Manasa Puja.

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Very few states in India have the geographical diversity that is seen in Assam. It not only has lofty hills but also river valleys and vast plateaus. A visit to Assam is a must if you are planning to explore the northeast of India.

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