6 Best Beaches in Asia for Honeymoon
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6 Best Beaches in Asia for Honeymoon

Nov 13, 2017 7:02:07 AM

Spend a honeymoon on a beach where the cool breeze of sea hit your face with everlasting love and care.

Going on a honeymoon is the perfect way of starting your married life and it is a celebration of your marriage and union as life partners. The practice of going on honeymoons is observed all across the world and it has become more popular in recent years. In fact, most travel and tour operators say that honeymoon destinations inside Asia are the most popular among Indian couples.

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Here are some of the most well-known best beaches in Asia for Honeymoon:

1 Langkawi, Malaysia: Langkawi has long been a popular honeymoon destination for young couples from all over the world. Often referred to as the Jewel of Kedah, this group of 104 islands has long stretches of beautiful beaches filled with fine white sand. The panoramic views of the surrounding region visible from the Langkawi Sky Bridge are absolutely marvellous. The TelagaTujuh Waterfalls are a magnificent sight that is best enjoyed with your partner.

2 Bali, Indonesia: Bali not only has some of the best beaches in Asia but in the entire world. It is one of the few places that not only has long sandy beaches but also towering hills and mountains. The unique culture combined with historical and natural attractions make it one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. One of the reasons Bali is so popular is because, with its vast tourism market, it has something to offer to every traveller irrespective of their budget.

3 Goa, India: If you are on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on luxury and comfort on your honeymoon, Goa might be the ideal destination for you. You can try a wide range of adventure sports in Goa and don’t miss the lively markets or the vibrant nightlife here. The beautiful Dudhsagar Waterfall is a major attraction while dolphin spotting is a popular activity here too.

4 Phuket, Thailand: Phuket has most of the best beaches in Thailand and plenty of high-end seaside resorts are available here too. Make sure you visit the multiple beaches here and soak in the vibrant and happening nightlife too. You can explore the famous Nga Bay by taking a canoe from Phuket and the fantastic panoramic views of the bay from Karen Viewpoint should not be missed.

5 Nika Island, Maldives: Although the prices here may be a bit high, Nika Island is the perfect destination for couples on their honeymoon. This is because the Nika Island Resort present on the island offers every guest a villa with a private beach. This means you can be assured of complete privacy as you enjoy your honeymoon with your loved one. Some activities you can participate in here are windsurfing, big game fishing, wakeboarding and catamaran riding.

6 Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India: In recent years, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have emerged as a major tourism hub thanks to miles of unspoiled and pristine beaches. It must be stated that any tourists who are not Indian do require a RAP (Restricted Area Permit) to visit the islands. Some of the popular activities include sea walking and snorkelling while a romantic dinner date in front of the ocean can give you memories to last a lifetime.

Nowadays many people are considering for international holiday trips. Many tour and travel company helps in getting reliable visa services in Mumbai and make international trips easy for you. A honeymoon trip gives you the chance to bring back unforgettable memories that you can cherish for a lifetime as a couple.

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