5 Reasons to Have a Honeymoon in North East India
honeymoon in North east India

5 Reasons to Have a Honeymoon in North East India

Jun 27, 2017 6:13:25 AM

Revel in the beauty of North east India and get mesmerized and feel rejuvenated in the honeymoon journey before starting a new life journey and the marital bliss is sure to endure for years to come.

The advent of information technology has brought the spectrum of various unseen tourist destinations of North East India in the form of spectacular pictures and videos. The jaw dropping nature sequences and picturesque flower beds in multiple colors are a visual treat to watch and the entire north eastern belt is sure to enable tourists to encounter a vivid display of locations and cultures. The misty aura the mountain ranges present and the echoes the valleys resonate are the perfect concoction to brew romance between newly wedded couples. Owing to these elements, the north eastern belt has grown to be a perfect honeymoon destination in the past 5 years.

Various travel companies have started offering the best Northeast honeymoon packages to introduce the unseen Indian beauty to newlyweds from the rest of India especially. Let’s find the five convincing reasons to visit north east post an auspicious marriage to get the two souls together.

Nature at its best to brew romance: The enchanting valleys in the mountain ranges encompassed with rivers such as Reang and Teesta flowing narrowly eroding shapeless rocks to round pebbles with varnish clear waters are sure to attract couples to get drenched with hand in hand. The water drizzling on to the rocks from the tallest of mountains and the grass pods nodding gently to this shower make the couples hear the untold views from each other. The semi chilled weather on the quaint mountains and valleys showcase hundreds of newlyweds walking closely to generate warmth and adulation.

Romantic blooms: The Bengali mountain ranges need no gardening to bloom with assortment of colorful flowers like mums and marigolds. It seems as if Mother Nature ensures that the mountains are not isolated due to their enigmatic poise and that everyone has to witness their beauty by enabling the blooms flutter flamboyantly teasing the scented air in the vicinity. Rose plants with heavy blossoms, vibrant colors of orchids draping the soil in color, the leafless amaryllis, Dahlias-the huge bunch of petals in vivacious color assortments, Gladioli-the long stems with sprouting flowers one after the other from top to bottom can be presented to each other by viewing those places.

The pitter-patters of rain: The rain-kiss collecting silver puddles here and there lets the couples dance in the never ending showers of Chirapunji and Mawsynram. The tiny droplets drenching the eyelashes flow down the silhouettes of them creating a merrier mood in their minds enhancing the adulation for them. The endless romantic nuances in the pitter-patter of rains get them close leading to a bond for life.

Life songs of tea estates: The tea estates resonating the rhythmic heart songs of lively people of Darjeeling with shades covered by the clouds spread like carpets of verdant greenery are awe inspiring and compel the couples to plan a visit again.

Cheaper than many popular destinations: Unlike the generic expensive tourist destinations such as Srinagar and Kerala, the Northeast honeymoon packages offer variety of destinations in a single tour including mountain ranges, valleys, shades of clouds, flower beds, narrowly flowing rivers, tea estates, beautiful woods, tribal populace, spice gardens etc. to overwhelm a newlywed couple.


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