MALWAN – Untainted & Undefiled

May 05, 2020 5:24:01 AM
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Tired from the busy college life, project-submissions and much more, we just wanted some quite time for ourselves. Just a few hours gained by bunking lectures would not help in any way, so we thought of going for a mini vacation for about two to three days. At that very moment a friend of mine just mentioned MALWAN. We very well knew that just a couple of days will always be less for a Holiday Tour Package to Malwan but still we decided to go with it immediately as there was another project submission coming up in about two weeks. The main hurdle to tackle was train and hotel reservations as it was almost the end of December and with New Year just around the corner, getting those bookings done was next to impossible. Inspite of all these odds being against us we decided to give it a try.

So having packed our bags the very next day we set for our expedition. We decided to meet at Dadar station from where we had to board a late-night Tutari Express train. The problem here was that there was no chance we would get a confirmed reservation so the only option left was general coach tickets. But the sight of the crowd at the general class ticket counter was huge; the only thought to cross our minds was that would we even get to enter the compartment; forget about a place to sit. We somehow managed to get the tickets for all the eight of us. Being the energetic lot from the rest of the crowd, the moment the train rolled into the platform and without losing a single minute we just rushed into the train to get hold of the seats. That moment still remains afresh in my memory.

That very moment on, was the start to our journey; chatting, singing, taking selfies, and lots of fun even though it was a tiring journey as we were seated in the general coach. We reached Kudal station early the next morning and hired a rickshaw from there. We did not have any hotel reservation so we had decided to stay at the house of one of my friend’s relative which was near Dandi beach. They had organised everything perfectly for us even though we had informed them just a day in advance. The house was really beautiful; located amidst huge trees and the beach was just a 5 minute walk from the house.

Malwan or Malvan a Hidden Coastal Gem of Maharashtra is a town and taluka in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State, India. This place is well known for its historical Sindhudurg Fort of the great Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj. Malwan is indeed blessed with spectacular beaches and age-old temples. Not just beautiful sunsets and cold breeze Malwan has a lot to offer beginning with the local fish curry and rice to the mouth-watering Alphonso mangoes, Malvani Khaja & ladoos, Konkani meva, Aambawadi, Fanaspoli, Kajuwadi, Naralachya Wadya and lots more. You can also have a thrilling experience with the amazing water sport activities like scuba diving, parasailing, jet-ski ride and much more.

Day 1: We decided to rest after lunch as we were all very tired. In the evening, we went to Rock Garden to enjoy the beautiful sunset which was about an hour’s walk from Dandi beach. The walking expedition was amazing as it looked like we were all walking through some dense forest as there were no proper roads for a major part of the journey. Even if there were any roads, they were all over-shadowed with trees from both the sides. The cool breeze, lush green trees with the chirping of the birds felt really different for us, a different world altogether. Even the Rock Garden was beautiful; the scenery there was just awesome felt like a real life canvas painting. The beautiful setting sun against the sound of the splashing waves; a moment perfectly captured in our cameras. We later realised that it was already dark and the roads to go back home did not have street lights, so walking back would not be a good option; we somehow managed to get a rickshaw and reached home in time for dinner. The Malwani fish curry that I had was simply delicious. That night was filled with lots of masti & chatting, a perfect end to our Malwani first day.


Day 2: This day was solely assigned for water sport activities. We got up very early and headed to the beach directly; we were all super excited to try all the rides. We did scuba diving, jet-ski ride, para-sailing, bumper rides and the banana boat ride, it was all fun. Scuba-diving and Para-sailing was very new for me as I had never tried it out before, the experience was mind-blowing. After getting our hands on all the water sport activities we went back home, freshened up and went to visit a famous Ganesh temple located there, the atmosphere was just so peaceful. On our way back we did some shopping at the main Bazar Peth. The famous things to shop here is the Malwani masala, peanut chikki and kokum juice. There is also a fish market at this peth from where you can buy a lot of fresh fish. On reaching home we had our dinner and later played some games and had some dance sessions too, an exciting end to our second day of Malwan Holiday Tour. 

Day 3: This day was dedicated only for visiting the historical beauty built on the shores of the Arabian Sea by the great Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj i.e. Sindhudurg Fort. There were temples inside this fort dedicated to Goddess Bhavani, Lord Hanuman and Jarimari. There are also hand-prints and foot-prints of Shivaji Maharaj which have been embedded within the fort on a slab.  We spent the whole day exploring this mighty fort and left for home quite late in the evening. On reaching home we had a quick dinner and then hurried with our packing as we had to leave for Mumbai the next day. I did not sleep much that night as my mind kept on playing all the scenes over and over again.  

Day 4: Early the next morning with a bag full of memories some captured perfectly in the camera the rest of them in our minds, we bid good-bye to the lovely family who had taken care of us during our entire stay at their beautiful house. We left for Kudal station by a rickshaw as there was a lot of luggage. We boarded the Matsyagandha Express for our return trip to Mumbai. It was the general coach again, but we still managed to have a lot of fun this time too. And finally it was home again “Aamchi Mumbai” with a lot of Malwani stuff and so many memories, for me this trip was the best getaway that I might have had till date.

So people if you care to enjoy some nice scenic beaches, friendly people and amazing food; all of this at a very economical price, Malwan is THE place for a nice relaxing break from the hectic city life. We at Trinity World Holidays are always there to cater to your needs, for more details on group tour packages to Malwan you can visit our website or call us on 1800 266 5588.

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