7 Best Destinations to Visit in the North East for Newlyweds
North East Honeymoon Places

7 Best Destinations to Visit in the North East for Newlyweds

Jul 05, 2017 9:41:07 AM

This blog explores all the places to have a honeymoon in North East India.

One of the corners of India, the North East is perfect to spend some of the most memorable moments of your relationship. When one thinks about planning a honeymoon, one thinks of the Bollywood movie stars dancing and enjoying loveable moments in the hills; and so does most couples consider spending their honeymoons in the hills. The gorgeous lands of the North East present a soulful romantic getaway for the couples. Let this list help you narrow down your choices of North East honeymoon packages to some of the perfect destinations.

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1. An adventurous trip in the Arunachal Pradesh

The majestic mountains of Tawang are a wonderful place to spend an adventurous honeymoon with your beloved partner. The clear water lakes, mighty waterfalls, mesmerizing view of the valley and mountains and the green lands create a perfect setting for the love birds to sing their love song and celebrate their romantic getaway. If you love adventurous activities like rafting, climbing and more, this is the place for you. 

2. Love in the air of Tripura

The Jampui Hills of Tripura are among the greatest tourist destinations in the North East. What makes this place worthy of the attention is its soothing climate, fascinating landscape and lovely trails. While you are here, you could walk these trails and spend quality time with your partner enjoying the scenic views of the valley. The best romantic moment you must not miss is the sunset.

3. Majuli island of Assam

A river island situated in Assam, Majuli is a highly regarded honeymoon destination amongst the Sister states. The island is surrounded by the Brahmaputra River, and the beauty of this island would add some gorgeous moments to your love tour. Another wonderful thing about this place is the scenic landscape which offers breath-taking sites to sit and watch with your partner.

4. Gorgeousness of Nagaland in the Dzukou valley

Located at the Manipur – Nagaland border is an ornamented valley of Dzukou. This geographic location is blessed with a wonderful climate, vibrant colours of nature and huge mountains. The romance between these elements creates a marvellous place to experience love. Also, these lands are home to the ‘Dzukou Lillies’. So undoubtedly, there no place better than this, for a honeymoon.

5. Fall in love in the Capital city of Meghalaya

Shillong, which is also called the ‘Scotland of the East’ is located in the womb of the East Khasi Hills. Home to numerous attractions like the Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Motphran and more, the city is visited by flocks of tourists and love birds. It is a popular destination for honeymooners.

6. Relax and make love in Mizoram

The isolated city Champhai is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples looking forward to relaxing and spend some quality time with each other. This glorious city seems to be preserved within the mountains and bears cultural and historical significance.

7. Beauty with adventure, a wonderful honeymoon in Sikkim

One of the distant states of India holds some of the glorious treasures of nature. The city of Yuksom presents itself as a perfect blend of natural attractions and adventurous elements. Thus, the place attracts both nature lovers and the adventurous duos to mark the beginning of their romantic lives with lots of cherished memories.

The Sister States of North East India are blessed with jewels of nature, mesmerising beauty, lovely climate and fascinating culture. They should be the first choice for any couple who are planning to share some sweet memories.  The places mentioned above clearly justifies all the reasons to have a honeymoon in North East India.

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