8 Cultural Festivals of Kerala You Must Experience- Kerala Cultural Festivals
Cultural Festivals of Kerala

8 Cultural Festivals of Kerala You Must Experience- Kerala Cultural Festivals

Jul 19, 2017 11:54:08 AM

Kerala is a land of diversity, rich in heritage and has numerous cultural festivals celebrations which depict vibrant colours, have striking fragrances and involve heart touching music and traditions.

The southernmost state of India, Kerala is known for its diverse landscapes and water bodies along with its rich culture, traditions and heritage that attracts a lot of tourists to it. This beautiful place also attracts a large number of newlywed couples to visit the state and get engrossed in the festivals of music, colour, people and tradition.

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Some of the famous eye-catching cultural festivals of Kerala are:


1. Thrissur Pooram

One of the biggest temple festivals in Kerala, Thrissur Pooram is a Cultural festival of colour, music, gatherings, decorated elephants and many more. The festival signifies the gathering of all Gods to meet the Lord Vadakumnathan (Shiva). Among many events, the most notable one is Kudamattam where 15 decorated elephants from each side face each other.


2. Attukal Pongala

Millions of women of all caste, creed, religion and colour offering their cooked food of rice boiled with jaggery, ghee and coconut to the God in unison is a sight to behold. If you want to witness the spiritual sight of Kerala then you must visit Attukal in the February month.


3. Snake Boat Races

One of the most world known cultural festival of Kerala is the snaked shaped boat racing in the backwaters. You will get to witness the most enthralling, colorful, enthusiastic boat race showcasing exemplary team spirit and synchronization. Some of the popular boast races are Champakulam Moolam boat race, Nehru Trophy boat race and Vallam Kali boat race.

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4. Onam

Onam festival is carried out to celebrate the homecoming of the great King Mahabali to meet his subjects. One gets to witness various sporting events, colourful floral carpet decorations, dance, music and people dressed up in traditional wear called Onakodi. It is also marked with grand feasts on banana leaves (called Sadyas).


5. Kalpathi Chariot Festival

It is a 10-day long festival held around Swami Viswanatha Temple where three colourfully decorated chariots having deities inside it are pulled through the streets amidst Vedic chants of the locals. In the evening cultural programs and Carnatic music concerts are held there.


6. Christmas

Owing to quarter of the population being Christians, Christmas is celebrated in Kerala with lots of enthusiasm. The vibrancy around the region can be felt through street decorations, beach competitions, lightings and burning of fire crackers. The churches host the Christmas mass where the life of Jesus Christ is depicted through models.


7. Vishu

Vishu symbolizes the starting of the Malayali year. The celebrations are mostly confined to individual homes comprising offering puja and having a feast with the family. The day before Vishu, Keralites collect auspicious articles in a small vessel and keeps it in the prayer room.


8. Theyyam Festival

The 800-year-old Theyyam Cultural festival showcases traditional folk dances and arts of Kerala. Locals decorate the performer with paints, mask and colour. He showcases his skills by dances to the rhythms of songs in front of temples. Some of the Thayyam performances are Kari Chamundi, Muchilottu Bhagavathi and Raktha Chamundi.


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These colourful processions and joyfulness of people surrounding Cultural festivals attract millions of tourists every year from all across the globe. These Cultural festivals of Kerala showcase the vibrant spirit, enthusiasm and unity of the people of Kerala. If you want to bring out the cultural side of yours, then you must visit Kerala, God’s own country.

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