Visit Kerala The God’s Own Country!
Need Break? Visit Kerala -The God’s Own country!

Visit Kerala The God’s Own Country!

Jul 21, 2017 10:12:46 AM

So now as you excitements are soaring heights it time to let you know top things to do while visiting Kerala.

Kerala is just blessed with a very distinctive set of geographical attributes; it is flanked by Arabians in the West and the huge Western Ghats in the west. It also has 44 rivers interconnections as a network. To experience its beauty you can book affordable yet best Kerala tour package. Buying a tour package is the best if you haven't visited the place earlier.

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So now as you excitements are soaring heights it time to let you know top things to do while visiting Kerala.


1. Enjoy the Sunset at the Alleppey Backwaters 🌅

Hire a houseboat hit the backwater and look up the sky as it transforms its colour in gold as the sun sets. Alleppey Backwaters is not only famous for its sunset but also beaches and scenic beauty of coconut and palm trees.


2. Experience the bliss of Ayurveda 💆

It is believed that Ayurveda has the power to treat all human illness and ailments and it is the only therapeutic technique that is being practised since the Vedic ages. So to get the right natural feel by handing yourself to mother nature, you can avail the Ayurvedic massage which will further stimulate your muscles and nerves and will also help your body and mind to relax.


3. Feel the natural breeze down the Periyar River with a boat ride  ⛵

An early wintry morning boat ride down the Periyar River will surely make memories as you can get to feel the true essence of nature by observing the dense jungles on both sides and the frigid silver waters.


4. Entertain yourself with a Theyyam performance 🕺

Theyyam is a dance genre where people dress up like fierce warriors Gods and dance with the tunes so as to make their Gods happy. This ritualistic worship is practiced to acquire lord’s blessings.

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5. Have a thrilling Elephant safari ride 🐘

If you visit Kerala and do not ride the enormous Elephant, you will miss one of the enjoyable experience. The top view of the dense jungle sitting right above the large animal makes you feel awesome.


6. Wander through the Marayoor’s Sandalwood Forest 🌳 🌳

Explore the rich smelling Sandalwood Forest and also feel the pleasant weather and high rainfall. Here you can also stop by the Thoovanam Waterfalls, many factories present at the Forest Department. You can also see ancient burial sites made of stones, Stone Age rock paintings, etc.


7. Become the audience of the ancient mutualistic technique Kalaripayattu Bout ⚔️

This one is among the oldest mutualistic forms of Kerala which is also very much scientific, and it aims in mastering the mind to body coordination.


8. Go to the Iringal Crafts Village 🏡

Set by the Kerala Tourism Department is an entirely exclusive craft village where you can notice various traditional artisans showcasing their products you can do your shopping from here.


9. Watch the great Kathakali dance 🕺

Your visit to Kerala will only be complete only if you watch a live graceful Kathakali dance which will help you understand Kerala classics very well.

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So now you know what to do when in the Gods country and spend your holidays with fun and feel the real nature's beauty. Hope you won’t regret the decision of visiting such a beautiful place!

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